Adding a sub-menu in the wordpress admin menu :)

For the impatient ones, first the code:
(in wp-admin folder, open the file menu.php) and locate the code:

$submenu[\’edit.php\’][10]  = array( _x(\’Add New\’, \’post\’), \’edit_posts\’, \’post-new.php\’ );

and add the below:

$submenu[\’edit.php\’][7]  = array( _x(\’Pending\’, \’post\’), \’edit_posts\’, \’edit.php?post_status=pending&post_type=post\’ );

And now the explanation and why do you need this 🙂


There is no direct mechanism to access the pending posts in WP admin. I generally post through email and mark them as pending. So, whenever I go to my admin POSTs page, I will look through the list of pending items and post them as and when required. For this, when I am done with changes in one item, I need to either modify the address bar or need to go to posts link and then click the Pending items.

I kind of did not like this so added one submenu just below the add new.. Cool, this is my first hack of the WP-core to get something going. For Plugins and sidebar I have kept doing this anywasys 🙂


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