Hotmail login from Linux machine using Firefox.

2010-07-15 1 min read Fedora Linux

Today I learnt two things. One is that Hotmail has changed the look of the email on the web. Quite good change. Looks good.

Second is that when loggin in to the hotmail using my Fedora box with Firefox, I was always getting the annoying, you are not on supported browser and saw the fix on <a href="" target="_blank">this link. The solution is as simple as changing the &#8221;general.useragent.vendor&#8221; for firefox. The way to do this is :

In the url line type:


when asked if you Promise not to damage or some such, click OK or dismiss the box

in the &#8217;url&#8217; line, type


Double click that line. Type the word:


don&#8217;t forget the capital.

go back to Hotmail.

[Edit] I found a better solution for the above. Use a user agent switcher and copy the value of the defalut settings to a new settings and then change the vendor to Firefox.

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