rpmsave and rpmnew files.

When upgrading an rpm based Linux System, all of us would have seen \”*.rpmsave\” or \”*rpmnew\” files being created. These are the config files in the rpm that rpm utility thinks should be overwritten (creates a *.rpmsave for the earlier file) or should not be overwritten (create *.rpmnew with the new file).

If you ever wondered what to do with these files then you can use this small script that would show the diff between the two files and you can decided which to keep or which to delete.

for i in `find / -print | egrep \”rpmnew$|rpmsave$\”` ;

do echo ;


echo ===================================================;

echo $i;

echo ===================================================;


diff -y -u $i `echo $i |sed -e \’s/\\.rpmsave//g\’ |sed -e \’s/\\.rpmnew//g\’`;


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