Fedora Linux

Scripts to create logins from bash command – for creating multiple accounts

Heres the script:

cat <<EOF >
for i in  `cat logins` ; do
login=`echo \”$i\”|awk -F\”:\” \'{print $2}\’`;
comment=\”`echo \”$i\”|awk -F\”:\” \'{print $1}\’`\”;
gr=\”`echo \”$i\”|awk -F\”:\” \'{print $3}\’`\”;
echo \”login –>> $login –Comment –>> $comment  –Group –>>$gr  –\”;
echo \”useradd -c \”$comment\” -d /export/home/$login -m -g $gr -s /bin/bash $login\”
useradd -c \”$comment\” -d /export/home/$login -m -g $gr -s /bin/bash $login

You would need to create file called logins to store the comment, login name and the group. The group must have already been created. Here is an example of the file:

cat logins
Amit Agarwal:amitag:test

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