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First off, sorry for not posting regularly. Will be so for probably another couple of days.

In the meantime found a very nice artcle on vim:

PuTTY ssh without password

you can do a ssh without password.. Today we will see how to do this with putty.

Generate public/private (DSA)key pair using puttygen.
copy the public key to ~/.ssh/authourized_keys on your server (moonware/sunware/skyware). Same key can be used on all the servers.
make sure that your home directory permissions are 755
directory permission for .ssh is 700
file permission for authourized_keys is 600
now login using putty and specify your private key in the configuration of putty and also specify your username.

Now when you login to the server, you will not be asked for password.

save date and time for each command in history

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