gdialog on F11 – Leonidas

If you are using some old application or want to install some application that was developed quite some time back with GTK GUI, then you may find the application using gdialog. gdialog is no more available and is deprecated in Fedora and same functionality is provided by zenity. But the options to call zenity are slightly different so what do you do. I did a google search and found the following script. The credit of script is not mine and credit goes to \”Mike Newman <>\”

Note: I needed it for some nautilus script for image resize.


Deleting lines from the text file

Really useful for pretty big files.

sed –silent \’1,100 d\’ filename

here the command will delete the first 100 lines. You can specify whatever range you want. This will not delete the lines from the file but only display the contents on the console after deleting the 100 lines from begining.

If you want to store it in different file then you can use \”>\” or \”>>\”