Remote X applications on local display in Fedora 11 (leonidas).

I wanted to open some X applications on my Fedora 11 local display over the ssh connections. I have used this in the previous versions of the Fedora and was looking to do the same in F11. Here are the things that can be done to enable this :

Allow tcp connections to X server by removing -nolisten in the X server. Set the following parameter in the gdm.conf


Other and most commonly used method is to xhost authourity to use the display. To allow all clients to use the display you can execute:

xhost +

All these used to work but not anymore in the F11 system. Currently the best I could do was to open a seperate X display with no security control and run a window manager in the display, here\’s how to do it:

Xnest :1 -ac

export DISPLAY=:1

xterm -e wmaker

6000+ truetype fonts for Linux

Found a huge collection of fonts for linux. These are true type fonts and really a huge collection.

get here

updated: Forgot to mention that you can update the font cache without restarting the font server by executing the below command:

fc-cache -fv

Resolved : New window does not open in new tab after installation of some plugin\’s.

After I installed some plugin\’s, the new windows were not opening in the tab. Rather they were opening in new window. This consumes time and memory which I did not like. I checked and re-checked to confirm that the setting for opening new window in tab was in there and still ………. alas……..

So, I reverted to checking if I could do something in the about:config entries to do the trick and yes it was there. Before we go into the specific entry, if you are interested, here is the link to the mozilla site for documentation on the about:config parameters. If you want to tinker with the settings, I suggest you first go through the list and make sure what you are doing.

Mozilla help on the about:config.

The entry that I had to edit was :

browser. link. open_newwindow. restriction

I set the value as 2 and hurray its done.

Just in case, you do not want to do it in the browser itself, then you can open prefs.js file in your profile directory and change the value in that file and that also should do the trick.