Pipe stdout and stderr, etc., to separate commands

$ some_command > >(/bin/cmd_for_stdout) 2> >(/bin/cmd_for_stderr) You can use [n]> combined with >(cmd) to attach the various output file descriptors to be the input of different commands.

Walk through the flower.

Here\’s one of the photos that I took in last few days of the 2009. I like to call it Walk through the flower. Its a super macro of the inside of flower.


Pretty soon you you would be able to buy this photo on http://shop.amit-agarwal.co.in

Firefox 4.0 mockups for LInux/Windows and Mac

The link above will take you to the Mozilla wiki for the UI and theme mockups for the Firefox 4.0 release. Quite interesting but what I did not like is that the Linux mockup looks more like chrome. Not sure why mozilla would want to do that 🙂
  • Tabs-on-top: Defaut tabs to top of UI.
  • Hiding the Menu Bar: Hide the menu bar and add Page and Tools buttons.

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