Craeating a sequence in calc.

Creating a numberd list in the calc with alphabets can be really tiresome sometimes. I found a simple solution to this. Create the numbered list in vim and then paste it into calc. Here\’s how I do it:

Open vim

type the first in sequence (ex Amit_aga_001)

Follow the below sequence to create a macro:


[Atl]+q+(any alphabet say \’a\’)  — this will start recording the macro

yy  – yank the current line

p — paste the current line

$ — go to end

[Ctrl]+a — increment the number by one

[Alt]+q — stop recording

Now type (in figures the count of lines you want) \’@a\’

and you are done.. Simply copy paste the sequence here to calc.

Feel free to suggest if there are better ways. I am definately looking for one.

Solved — Errors with afraid-dyndns in Goddard (Fedora 13)

Since I updated to the Fedora 13, I was getting error from the Dynamic DNS client for afraid. I was not getting enough time to fix this, so finally I decided to fix this in the night itself 🙂

On running


I was getting the error:

Entity: line 100: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: br line 99 and div

Entity: line 118: parser error : Entity \’copy\’ not defined
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Entity: line 121: parser error : AttValue: \” or \’ expected
/link/?id=4668\’;} return(true);\”>\"\"\"\"

So here is the solution :

On further investigation I found that the issue was not with the afraid server but with getting the external IP. So I decided to use my own site to get the IP. And changed the following in the afraid-dyndns file:

Comment out the following code:

#$xml = get(\”\”);
#die \”Failed fetching IP address!\” unless $xml;
#echo (\”Got IP:\”. $xml);

#$o = XMLin($xml);
#$extip = $o->{proxy_ip}; # external address

And add the following line just below the just commented lines:

$extip = get(\”\”);
$extip =~ s/\\n//;

This change be sufficient to get you going again.. 🙂