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Convert decimal numbers to binary

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There is a calculator called bc that works in the command line. So if you need a quick calculator function in the command line then you could write some functions that will do the trcik for you. Here is an example:

function convBase { echo \"ibase=$1; obase=$2; $3\" | bc; }

so, if you want to convert decimal number to hex number then you could type

convBase 10 16 16


Upgrade to Fedora 13 from your existing version using yum.

Well. this time it seems to be very simple :

yum –releasever=13 upgrade

update 22/April/2010:
The key file will not be there so there are two options for you in this case:
1) Install the following rpms from the downloaded rpms with \”yum –nogpg localinstall\”
a) fedora-release
b) fedora-release-notes
2) Run the whole upgrade with –nogpg option.

Issue observed after the upgrade:
The new kernel was not added in the grub menu and I had to manually add the below entry in the menu.lst file:

title Fedora (
root (hd0,11)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=f832d6ce-dad3-4af9-9ef1-aac950f8284c rhgb quiet SYSFONT=latarcyrheb-sun16 LANG=en_US.UTF-8 KEYTABLE=us init=/sbin/bootchartd

Because of this I was not able to start the X server until I restarted the system with the entry in place and selecting this in the GRUB menu.