Linux Advocacy and cool things to do with Linux.

I have heard a lot of Linux advocacy and read probably a couple of artilcles also on them but they lack one thing : the end user perspective. Linux is great no doubt, but there are far too many things to confuse people at all levels. For example, if you do a google search for which distro is good for me, you will find different sites giving you different results. So, whats my point?

Simple, stop confusing Desktop users. They are not interested in the filesystem that Ubuntu uses, the window manager that Fedora uses or the mailer deamon that Suse uses. What they are  interested in is what are the benefits of the Opearating System or even before that What difference will the operating system make for them.

A lot of people I met did not even know wheather they have a genuine windows or pirated one? Did they pay for the Windows softwares, they too don\’t know.

So, just Free is not the word for them. They anyway have it free (even if they paid for the OS and other softwares, they don\’t know about it, neither would they care if there are sufficient reasons, which is presently the case.)

What we need today is more clearer approach of tellling people what can be done which can save a lot of time for them in work and at home. Here\’s one article that I think may be a little too advanced for novices, but in the right direction.

I will leave the article open ended for your comments 🙂

4 thoughts on “Linux Advocacy and cool things to do with Linux.”

  1. hi Amit

    It was nice to read you blog, i stumbled on your blog from nixcraft, i have just started to use linux. You are the first indian i have come across who is blogging on Linux, there might be other but i haven’t seen them yet. PLease do keep blogging

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