change the window in split screen.

I use the split screen in vim very in-frequently, so I did not really know how to move from one screen to the other. There is also very little or no documentation that I found on this on the first page of google, so here it is :
press \”ctrl+w and ctrl + w\” to change to other window.

If you are not sure how to get the split screen, then you can type help split in vim to get the help on split screen.

Most simply said you can do so by \”ctrl+w s\”

F12 Wallpaper Sprinting

I’ve been working with Jon McCann, Charlie Brej, Nicu Buculei, Jeremy Perry, María Leandro, and Ian Weller’s help and critique the past few days on trying to come up with a slicker version of the F12 background for the final. 1 newly color-managed Thinkpad, 4 Gimp brushes, several CC-BY and CC-BY-SA textures from Flickr, 2 dozen SLR photos of shower water, and 62 mockups later… this is what we have so far. Please let me know what you think. We are working to get it packaged by this coming Tuesday so we can make it, and be awesome while we’re at it. If you have any suggestions or modifications you’d like to propose please reply here or on design-team at lists dot fedoraproject dot org.


The GIMP XCF source is available: 62.xcf.gz.

Read more at :

In (any) vi, add a keystroke to format the current paragraph.

vi editor is very powerful in the sense that you can use maps, abbreviations and recordings. One such example is when you are trying to write a email or trying to write a paragraph and you want to format it. You can create a mapping like so, in your .exrc or .vimrc and use it to format the paragraph.

map ^A !}fmt