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Been busy in writing one script these days. So here\’s something for you to munch in the meanwhile.

Change background in gnome from shell script.

I learnt this just now but this is something I wanted to try for some time. I wanted to know a way to change the background from the shell without actually using the change background GUI option. I always find that option very slow.

So what do you do.. write a shell script

gconftool-2 type string -s /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename \”`pwd`/$1\”

Use this script to change the desktop. Some other time we will delve into why this works. For now you can just run this shell script with the filename and see your Desktop background change. Cool 🙂

Create your own splash screen for gimp

Image via Wikipedia

Gimp allows you to set the splash screen very easily. All you need to do is copy the image to ~/.gimp-/splashes/. There is no limit on the size or color. You just copy all the images you like to have as splash and one of them would be randomly picked up from the said direcotory for the splash image.

Here is the snippet from the GIMP man page.

       GIMP comes with a default image for the splash screen but it allows system adminis-
       trators and users to customize the splash screen by  providing  other  images.  The
       image to be used with the splash screen is chosen as follows:

       1.     GIMP   tries   to   load   a   random   splash  screen  from  the  directory

       2.     It then falls back to using $HOME/.gimp-2.6/gimp-splash.png.

       3.     If the user didn\'t install any custom  splash  images,  a  random  image  is
              picked from /usr/share/gimp/2.0/splashes.

       4.     As   a   last  resort,  GIMP  uses  the  default  splash  image  located  at