There is only one reason left why Windows exists

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156 minutes of pain compared with 26 minutes of success. That\’s the difference between a Windows installation and a Linux installation. After two and a half hours fiddling with a Windows install on my Toshiba laptop, it became pretty obvious what is one major reason why Windows remains a viable operating system.

Let me start by sharing a simple premise. I wanted a dual boot laptop, with Windows and Linux. Since Windows has an attitude problem it has to be on the primary partition and master drive to work correctly. No problem. I decided to simply start with a reinstall of Windows.

Bad idea. Reinstalling a base Windows to my laptop was going to be an event to end all installation events.

I am using a simple configuration on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 1GB RAM, 80GB 5400rpm disk, wifi, 10/100 and integrated video/sound run with Realtek. Straightforward stuff I thought.

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using gigolo for all your network mounting needs

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Have you ever thought that there should be one central location or application to connect to all you required servers with whichever protocol. If you did, the you wishes are granted.

Name       : gigolo
Arch       : i686
Version    : 0.4.0
Release    : 1.fc12
Size       : 443 k
Repo       : installed
From repo  : updates
Summary    : GIO/GVFS management application
URL        :
License    : GPLv2
Description: A frontend to easily manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVFS.
           : It allows you to quickly connect/mount a remote filesystem and manage
           : bookmarks of such.

With gogolo you can mount FTP, WebDAV, obex, SSH, Windows Share(Samba) and others. You can use bookmarks too. What else do we need?