Airtel does not need old customers

Couple of days back, I shifted my house. No big deal, right. Not for Airtel :).

I applied for a change in installation address and applied for the same. And promptly they told me that it will be done in 4 days time. I was a very happy person, but the happiness did not last long. After 4 days also there was no response and thus I called the call center again and they told me that the area I shifted to was not feasible for them (PS: It was just the opposite side of the road). Great, so I called the Area Manager whose number I had from a conversation I had with him. (BTW, I was the first customer for Airtel in my area).

Ok, so he said, he will get it done ASAP. As committed, he called me next morning and told that he was sending a executive to take care of things. Only when he arrived he told me that he had come to collect documents to give me a new connection, to which I promptly refused.

I called in the guy again, and after few minutes of explanation, I agreed to take a new connection. He said the executive would come again by that night to collect the documents and get my signature. But the executive never came. So I called the AREA Manager again, and he said he will check and come back with details. That never happened and after that I tried calling him couple of times but he never picked up and thus finally I decided that there is no way that I can get the connection shifted or get a new connection. So, as of now, I disconnected my connection and took a Photon+ would were co-operative enough to spend some time to get my connection up in a days time. I had my own issues with Photon+ but the guys were really helpful.

After I placed the request for disconnection, I got a call from Airtel stating that the shifting has been approved and they were coming to do the installation but that was after 11 days of my initial request and by then I had already had my connection up.

So, this is the reason that you did not see any update on my blog since sometime. I thought I will share this \”Enlightening\” story of mine with my readers so that you know how difficult it can be do change your house/home. Any one else having similar issues or good things to share, feel free to do so.

Chao for now.

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