The document editor that is revolutionary and breaking the typewriter paradigm.

Today, I thought I will try something different for word processor requirements, for non-text files. For text  files, vi rocks for me 🙂

So, I tried LyX, here is the description of the editor:

Description: LyX is a modern approach to writing documents which breaks with the
: obsolete \”typewriter paradigm\” of most other document preparation
: systems.  It is designed for people who want professional quality
: output with a minimum of time and effort, without becoming
: specialists in typesetting.  The major innovation in LyX is WYSIWYM
: (What You See Is What You Mean). That is, the author focuses on
: content, not on the details of formatting. This allows for greater
: productivity, and leaves the final typesetting to the backends
: (like LaTeX) that are specifically designed for the task.  With
: LyX, the author can concentrate on the contents of his writing, and
: let the computer take care of the rest.


And heres the screenshot:


The interface is quite intutive. I think I would like this document processor. LyX supports exporting the file in text format, dvi, latex, pdf and ps to name a few. It inherently supports latex too. Quite interesting.

using cscope with vim

Image by schoschie via Flickr

Here\’s the best of the two links that I found with Google and Bing combined out of lots of links that I think can help you understand how to use cscope with vim, if you dont know already.

cscope is a mature, ncurses based, C source code tree browsing tool. It allows users to search large source code bases for variables, functions, macros, etc, as well as perform general regex and plain text searches. Results are returned in lists, from which the user can select individual matches for use in file editing.