Change information for the user on Linux machine.

Today I have couple of hours to spare and thus thought might as well spend it on my blog. The finger command in *nix systems is used to display the information on the users. This information is taken from the /etc/passwd file. You can use the chfn command to change the information. Man page for chfn.

Chrome – Chromium on Linux (repo)

Fedora people put up a repo for the chrome web browser and it is quite frequently updated. All you need to do to install the browser is following:

sudo vi /etc/yum.repos.d/chrome.repo

and add the following lines

name=Chromium Test Packages

Once this is done, you can install the browser with yum as follows:

sudo yum install chromium


Opens Four Google Frames At Once

Image via Wikipedia

Googlegooglegooglegoogle: Opens Four Google Frames At Once Googlegooglegooglegoogle (that is Google times 4!) is a simple website/startpage that puts four Google search windows in one page. It basically displays four frames so that you do not have to leave the page to search simultaneously. This tool is incredibly useful for Google power searchers.

Googlegooglegooglegoogle allows you to type a URL and go directly to a website within a frame. There is also a special icon where you can go straight to Wikipedia and an icon to go back to Google. This is very convenient if you hate shifting through browser tabs.


  • Useful startpage that puts four Google windows in one page
  • Dedicated icons go straight to Wikipedia or back to Google
  • Type a URL to go directly to a website within the frame
  • Allows you to close individual frames

Check out Googlegooglegooglegoogle @