feh – versatile image viewer works from command line too.

To install :

sudo yum install feh

From the info for the feh package:

feh – versatile image viewer works from command line too
premier image file handling library. feh has many features,
from simple single file viewing, to multiple file modes using
a slideshow or multiple windows. feh supports the creation of
montages as index prints with many user-configurable options.

One of the reasons, I install feh as one of the first packages on any installation is the reason that it can open multiple images like in stack. To make things even more simpler I create a alias like this:

alias v=\’feh -p –scale-down -Z -r \’

with this alias in place I can go to any directory in bash and just type \”v *\” to see all the images 🙂

Some good things you can do with feh are :

Have a theme or naming for option groups. You can have the name for option groups in $HOME/.fehrc or /etc/fehrc. If none exists then you can create one and then make a entry like below

amit -p –scale-down -Z -r

and then use

feh –theme amit *.jpg


feh -Tamit *.jpg

In my default install for feh, I have couple of entries which look quite interesting:

# Webcam mode, simply specify the url(s).
# e.g. feh -Twebcam http://cam1 http://cam2
webcam –multiwindow –reload 20

# Create an index of the current directory. This version uses . as the
# current dir, so you don\’t even need any commandline arguments.
mkindex -iVO index.jpg .

# More ambitious version…
imgidx -iVO .fehindex.jpg –limit-width 1200 –thumb-width 90 –thumb-height 90 .

# Show a presentation
present –full-screen –sort name

# Booth mode 😉
booth –full-screen –hide-pointer –slideshow-delay 20

# Screw xscreensaver, use feh =)
screensave –full-screen –randomize –slideshow-delay 5

# Add <img> tags to your html with ease 🙂
newimg -q -L \”<img src=\”%f\” alt=\”%n\” border=\”0\” width=\”%w\” height=\”%h\”>\”

# Different menus
chrome –menu-bg /usr /share/feh/images/menubg_chrome.png
brushed –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_brushed.png
pastel –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_pastel.png
aluminium –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_aluminium.png
wood –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_wood.png
aqua –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_aqua.png
sky –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_sky.png
orange –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_orange.png
light –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_light.png
black –menu-bg /usr/share/feh/images/menubg_black.png –menu-style /usr/share/feh/fonts/black.style

Thats quite a lot of options ..  There are quite a lot of others you can see with \”–help\”.

5 Sites To Find Free Alternatives To Popular Software

And sometimes there are software you find irksome and think things could have been better. In any case, I always like to try out a few alternative software choices before I settle with any particular application mainly for two reasons: One, you would never know how good or bad the one you are using is until you try some alternatives and two: a bit of choice and competition can only be for the good of us users! Your motivation might be different: perhaps you want to find a free software that does the same task as the paid software you are using or maybe your favorite Windows application is not available on Mac or Linux.

Whatever maybe the reason, here are some sites that you can use to find alternative software and suggested applications.

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URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Makeuseof/~3/Jh5sMLbG-8Y/

My personal favourite is osalt.